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Legal Ruling Saves Documentary

February 15th, 2011

Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed” was allowed to be distributed in theaters, despite a lawsuit by Yoko Ono, attempting to prevent its release. The subject of the film documentary? The suppression of freedom of speech, regarding opinions about Intelligent Design.

Yoko Ono, the widow of deceased Beatle John Lennon, has lost her battle against the producers of the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Ono brought suit against the film’s producers for including John Lennon’s song Imagine in their documentary. Last month [mid-2008], a federal court in Manhattan denied Ono’s request for an injunction against the film that would have forced it out of theaters nationwide.

An overview of Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled

Since the Los Angeles Times review of Expelled uses the word “deceive,” let’s look deeper: the facts about this film. All who have seen this controversial documentary can agree on one thing: Ben Stein attempts to make the point that there is academic censuring and discipline against those who believe in (or just consider openly) Intelligent Design (I.D.) as a possible alternative to Darwinist points of view. This is a fact, regardless of opinions about whether or not Stein has succeeded in making a convincing point (and regardless of the value of I.D.)

(Jonathan Whitcomb’s review of a review by the Los Angeles Times)

Strange to tell, but one aspect of the American freedom of speech relates to limited use of copyrighted materials: A limited reference to something copyrighted is legal, for example, when using it to illustrate a point in a documentary. Ben Stein’s documentary was produced to promote awareness of the importance of protecting freedom of speech, and Ono brought a lawsuit, losing the legal battle because of freedom of speech.