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Giant Pterosaur in South Carolina

September 27th, 2010

Of course this account brings to mind the pterosaur sighting by Susan Wooten, also in South Carolina. Her giant flying creature, also seen in daylight, also very large, also appeared featherless. This new eyewitness remains anonymous, but we’ll examine his testimony.

I saw a pterosaur in Clinton, SC when I was 15 or 16 while at a soccer camp at Presbyterian College in 1994 or 1995. . . . It was huge, as big as a plane . . . I saw a huge pterodactyl-looking creature, flying very high in the sky. The strangest thing . . . how slow the wings were flapping and how high it was flying. . . . Years later in college . . . [a friend] ended up blurting out that he saw a pterodactyl. I told him I had seen one too . . . Seeing Susan Wooten’s story on your website further reinforces my belief in what I saw. . . . I periodically search for stuff about pterodactyls on the internet. This time I searched “pterosaur sightings south carolina”, and [a] site popped up. [Wooten sighting].

We should pay attention to these sightings in this part of the United States. If only someone would have a camera ready when one of the creatures flys by in daylight!