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Flying Dinosaurs

August 25th, 2010

We have been taught that giant flying creatures soared overhead long ago. We could call them “dinosaur birds,” but that would be technically incorrect: They were pterosaurs, and they came in two varieties: long-tailed and short-tailed. They’re also called “pterodactys,” but that is also incorrect. Say “tear-uh-sore,” and spell it “pterosaur.”

But dinosaur birds (pterosaurs) seem to have soared overhead not so long ago. In fact one of them could fly over your house tomorrow night; I say “night,” for most of them seem to be nocturnal. They are seen rarely, for they are anything but common. When they are seen in the United States, the main danger to the eyewitness is not being attacked by the pterosaur, it is being ridiculed by those who hear about the sighting.

Live Pterosaur in Ohio

. . . The creature was reported “chasing sparrows as it flew over the Route 49 bridge near Antwerp, Ohio.” [reported in a local newspaper in Antwerp]

The challenge faced by most . . . eyewitnesses of apparent living pterosaurs in the United States (Ohio, or Kentucky, or any other state) is this: Who can you tell? Our culture frowns on reporting anything like a live dinosaur or live pterosaur . . .

Ghost Lights or Flying Dinosaurs?

So how do glowing owls relate to reports of live pterodactyls? In Papua New Guinea, the ropen is seen usually from a distance at night. How is it seen? It glows, sometimes brightly, as it flies. How can anyone conclude that it is a pterosaur? When it is seen up close, it is seen to be one.