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Another strange flying creature in California

June 28th, 2010

From the blog Live Pterosaurs in America, the post “Flying Creature in Los Angeles” says:

Flying only about 300 feet above the heads of two astonished humans . . . the creature appeared to have a wingspan of 10-20 feet. Also astonishing was the faint glow that led one of the eyewitnesses to connect the creature with the ropen of Papua New Guinea.

The sighting was in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County, in 2009. The two eyewitnesses seemed to be credible.

California Pterosaurs Still Living (a different sighting, also early 21st century)

An apparent ropen sighting in California is being investigated by Jonathan Whitcomb (author of the book “Live Pterosaurs in America”). According to an anonymous eyewitness, a very large creature, in daylight, in August of 2007, flew over the wildlife refuge, crossing a road in front of the car that the eyewitness was driving.

It seems that live pterosaurs or strange flying creatures may not be so rare in California.

Pterodactyl Alive in California?

May 17th, 2010

How would you interpret a report of a sighting of a giant living pterosaur flying over a road near the campus of the University of California at Irvine? In the summer of 2007, that’s what the eyewitness described, for it had no feathers, a long tail, and a length of about thirty feet. Somebody might dismiss the report as a misidentified bat, except for the giant size and the long tail.

According to another source, regarding live pterosaurs:

Several Americans searched for the elusive creature; important expeditions were in 2002, 2004 (two), and 2006. But the Sci-Fi Destination Truth expedition of 2007 introduced the word ‘ropen’ to many thousands of American T.V. viewers.

Live pterosaurs! But it gets even stranger. Reports starting coming in from North America, and some of the Americans who explored Papua New Guinea, in 2004, searching for ropens, began searching for them in the United States. In at least two of the West Coast states, one of the locations became extremely secret. Nevertheless, according to one press release, one of the living-pterosaur cryptozoologists has estimated that at least 1400 Americans have seen a living pterosaur between early-1980 and the end of 2008. Most of those who have given their reports remain anonymous.