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Bank of America Comedy

June 9th, 2011

Warren and Maureen Nyerges, in Naples, Florida, were shocked at the foreclosure notice, for they had paid cash for their home in 2009, never having any mortage on that house. Bank of America, however, was adamant, refusing to consider that possibility.

Months passed, with significant legal proceedings, but the issue was finally resolved. A moving truck arrived, escorted by two sheriff’s deputies, and all was ready for removing property; but it was not the furniture of the Nyerges family, for they had won the lawsuit: The deputies informed the branch manager of the local Bank of America that he could paid the legal fee or allow the Nyerges family to remove furniture and cash from the bank.

Apparently it is bad for business for customers to arrive at their bank, ready to deposit their checks, and then be shocked at finding police officers enforcing the removal of the branch manager’s desk and office chair: The manager signed a check to cover legal expenses.