Benefits of Piano Lessons for Kids

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New studies on brain activities demonstrate that musicians are mentally highly developed. Those who concentrate on music performance are more alert and have more desire to learn in general.

That kind of mental development helps a person to see the whole picture. Similar abilities have been found in top athletes, the best managers, and those who use transcendental meditation.

Summer Break and Piano Lessons for Children

When kids start their summer break from school—that may be a good time to begin piano lessons. Children need mental activities, not just running around outside. Without school studies, exercising those little brains can be challenging. Piano lessons provide the opportunity for youngsters to develop musical talent between outdoor play activities.

Piano and Chess Lessons in Child Care

A parent is lucky to find a piano teacher for less than $25 per half-hour lesson; some charge more. This could come to $1000 per year or even more, just for the lesson charges, not counting transportation if its done at the teacher’s home or at a studio.

Musician’s Brains Highly Developed

The researchers measure mind brain development in several ways. EEGs reveal special patterns in the electrical activity of the brain in people with high mind brain development. They have well‑coordinated frontal lobes.

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