Beetle Banquet?

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According to a United Nation report, we would be better off eating insects, at least for part of our diet. The main point is that it could reduce world hunger and pollution, assuming we would use less traditional meat, as from cattle and pigs.

The report says that caterpillars have about the same amount of protein as minced beef but ten times more iron. Grasshoppers and dung beetles also have more iron than beef, but not many Westerners are likely to soon begin feasting on beetles that eat poop.

A young lady begins to put a dead tarantula into her mouth. Insects are eaten by people in some places in the world.

Tantalizing tarantula (courtesy of BBC news)


U.N urges people to eat insects 

It notes than over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects.

However it admits that “consumer disgust” remains a large barrier in many Western countries.


Do jumping fish look like flying pterosaurs?

A critic has suggested that many stories of extant pterosaurs flying overhead come from misidentifications of large Manta ray fishes that are jumping out of the sea.

What about the 1965 sighting by Patty Carson? This was close to the sea, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But the “dinosaur” that Patty and her brother watched on one particular day was sitting upright in tall grass before it flapped its wings and flew away. Manta ray fish don’t do that.


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