Pterodactyls in Australia

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According to a newly published ebook, the ropen of Papua New Guinea is not restricted to flying over the tropical islands of that country. “Pterodactyls” have also been reported flying over Australia.

From the 7th chapter of the e-book Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, “Other Sightings in Australia”:

“After many misgivings about going ‘public’ as it were, I have decided to contact you with my experience of sighting what I believe to have been a Pterodactyl. . . . I cannot be sure of the year of the sighting now as I put it out of my mind for fear of being labelled a nut but I think it would have been around the late 1990’s.


“What I saw was what I first thought was a pelican flying about 3000 feet high but realised pelicans at that height did not look as large as this.


“I was standing outside about nine o’clock one night. It was full moon and very bright with a cloud bank to the south east extending to and over the Ranges. . . . I glanced to the south and something caught my attention. It was something flying that appeared to be at the height of light planes that fly around here . . . This thing was at least as large as a light plane, say a Cesna.


“It was about 5 klms away and was lazily flapping it’s wings, flying to the east in, at that point, a clear sky. It appeared to be lit up by the moonlight and shining as if it had no feathers. . . .”

Pterosaurs in Australia

My American associates and I have explored remote jungles in Papua New Guinea, searching for living pterosaurs and interviewing native eyewitnesses. Most expeditions were led by one or two Americans, with one or two native interpreters.

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