Statistics Show no Hoax in Pterosaur Sightings

March 5th, 2012 by Nathaniel Coleman AKA Jonathan Whitcomb Leave a reply »

Recent statistical analysis of ninety-eight sighting reports of apparent living pterosaurs shows that there could have been no major involvement from hoaxes. Wingspan estimates were given by fifty-seven eyewitnesses, with the data showing no reasonable possibility that hoaxes accounted for any more than a maximum of 20% of those sightings, and probably much less.

In addition, the degree of certainty of the featherless appearance of the flying creatures independently indicated no hoax or combination of hoaxes could have created that data, provided it was obtained from those who had made sighting reports.

Why a Hoax Fails

What about tail-length in relation to wingspan? Many sightings include descriptions of long tails that suggest Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs, and those long-tailed species are believed to have been much smaller, according to fossil records. But the estimates shown above, for wingspan, shows nothing even remotely like any peak related to those fossils.

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