Modern Pterosaurs in Southern U.S.

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The big pterodactyl-sighting year, at least in Texas, was probably 1976, when many newspapers covered the strange encounters. Some of these are compiled in the cryptozoology book by Ken Gerhard: Big Bird. Other pterosaur encounters are reported in other states: Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, in particular.

Pterosaurs in Georgia

She had driven less than ten miles, just leaving an area of pasture, entering an area of thick woods, around a mild downhill curve, with high banks and brush on each side of the road, when an animal suddenly flew from the right, just over the front of her car. . . .

On the Track of Pterodactyls

“Jonathan Whitcomb is actually based in Long Beach, where as a cryptozoology author he offers an explanation of the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas, and Papua New Guinea. Human inhabitants in both places have observed in the sky balls of light . . .”

Pterosaur in South Carolina

From the book Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition: “Susan Wooten was driving east on Highway 20, to the town of Florence, on a clear mid-afternoon in the fall of about 1989 . . . Where the road was surrounded by woods and swamps, Wooten saw something flying from her left, then passing in front of her . . . ‘It swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines,’ but its appearance was shocking: ‘It looked as big as any car . . . NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret, but like a humongous bat.'”

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