A Different Kind of Pterodactyl Attack

February 23rd, 2012 by Nathaniel Coleman AKA Jonathan Whitcomb Leave a reply »

It was not an eyewitness being attacked by a large flying creature in the dark of night. The victim was a cryptozoologist—Jonathan Whitcomb—who was attacked in the words of an online forum discussion. Whitcomb believes the words of eyewitnesses of living “pterodactyls,” and that seems to upset skeptics. The point is this: Is Jonathan Whitcomb a pterodactyl expert?

Paleontologists have long assumed that all species of pterosaurs, both Rhamphorhynchoids and Pterodactyloids, have been extinct for many millions of years. Whitcomb has proclaimed, in his nonfiction books and in his blog posts, that both long-tailed and short-tailed pterosaurs still live in different areas of the world, although he believes that they are mostly nocturnal. This annoys skeptics.

Attack on the “Pterodactyl Expert”

In the sense of being a paleontologist, I am not a pterosaur expert; but many paleontologists do not seem to even consider the possibility that any pterosaurs are extant. “Ape man” seems to rebel against any idea involving any modern living pterosaur. But in that sense—some living pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”)—I am probably one of the leading “pterodactyl experts” in the world.

Pterodactyl Expert

He is a cryptozoologist who interviews eyewitnesses of what many call “pterodactyls,” which is simply the name many non-paleontologists use for “pterosaur.”

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