Pterodactyls in San Diego

January 23rd, 2012 by Nathaniel Coleman AKA Jonathan Whitcomb Leave a reply »

According to one of the two eyewitnesses of the large flying creatures, they had long tails and wingspans around 20-30 feet, as they flew only about a hundred feet above San Diego, California, in November of 2011. The tails were long and straight. The first creature was flying only about 30-40 yards high. No sound was heard from the creatures but the sighting may have been too near a freeway for the eyewitnesses to have heard anything from the two apparent pterodactyls.

Two Pterosaurs in San Diego

The men first noticed just one long-tailed creature, as it came gliding in from the direction of the ocean, but it was soon met by another one. . . . Although the moon helped light up the creatures, it was not possible to be sure whether or not they had feathers. The color was like golden brown, where color was discernable.

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