There may be nobody like Grandma to care for a small child. But what about your child's future friendships with other children? Think what might be missed if your child is given nothing more than a baby-
sitter, for children need each other to play with. Family home child
care provides those play times.
Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach; California license # 191604310; phone 562 427-6027
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Babysitting Or Family Home Child Care?
These three happy girls were raised in the Whitcomb home, daughters of Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb. They are grown now: One waits for her first sem-
ester in medical school (top); the youngest (lower left) is a success-
ful sales rep; the oldest (right) is a happy mother.

What about the parents, Jonathan and Gladys? They care for children in the Whitcomb
Family Daycare.
For child care in the areas of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Cerritos: Whitcomb Family Daycare
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Dec 28, 2009