Family Home Child Care For Lakewood Families
Convenient to Lakewood, Calif, Whitcomb Family Daycare gives children more than just free play and art-craft experiences: Word-
and-number pre-school education is part of the routine care. Over 20 years experience, highly praised by parents, Gladys Whitcomb is the one to care for your child. A
phone call gives you an appoint-
ment: 562 427-6027. California
license # 191604310. Near city
of Lakewood: 4503 Walnut Ave,
Long Beach, California 90807.
Child identities hidden
for privacy & security
How close is this child care to Lakewood?
It's just southwest of the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Del Amo, Long Beach.
Driving south on Cherry (from Del Amo and San Antonio-Cherry intersection) you'll pass a cemetery on the right (a different cemetery is on the left), then Cherry Park on the right. Turn right at
the tennis courts at the corner of that
park (onto 45th Street). You'll pass the
picnic-bench area of the park on your
right as you drive west on 45th. Right
after Keever Avenue is Walnut Avenue.
On the corner of 45th and Walnut is a
white picket fence with much shrubbery
and trees: the Whitcomb Family Daycare.